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Restriction enzymes
Recombinant enzymes

Restriction enzymes

We will shortly have the capacity to generate a wide range of recombinant restriction enzymes for molecular cloning purposes, including EcoRI, NotI, XbaI, PstI and many more. Our recombinant restriction enzymes (REs) are typically synthesised by introducing specific viral DNA into a variety of bacterial species. The bacterial cells are then cultured to the required quantity, homogenised and the enzymes extracted and purified. Different REs are classified according to the recognition sequence, the activity sites they cleave either side of that site, and the cofactors they require to function. Restriction enzymes are commonly used for a wide variety of molecular biology research purposes. These include:


REs are commonly used to insert sequences into plasmid vectors during gene cloning and protein generation.


If a single-nucleotide polymorphism alters a restriction site within a gene allele, it is possible to determine its presence by digesting the sample with a relevant RE, and analysing the resultant bands using agarose gel electrophoresis. The distance between activity sites can pinpoint the presence or absence of a given gene.

Southern blotting

In a similar manner to genotyping, REs can be used to determine the number of gene polymorphism are present in a given individual genome.


REs can be used to digest a large DNA molecule into smaller fragments, which can then be sequenced. ​​At Wel-bioAps, careful selection of the expression vector and the strain of bacteria used provides extremely low contamination rates and exceptional purity, at larger yield and with minimal variation between batches. Our restriction enzymes all exhibit >99% activity in BSA buffer (at 37 degrees.) DNA can be digested safely overnight.

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Type Quantity Purification Price Limitations
DNA oligo 40nmol Basic 0.40 CHF per base from 15-40 bases
DNA oligo 40nmol HPLC 0.69 CHF per base from 15-40 bases
DNA oligo 200nmol Basic 0.79 CHF per base from 15-40 bases
DNA oligo 200nmol HPLC 1.13 CHF per base from 15-40 bases
DNA oligo 1μmol Basic 2.28 CHF per base from 15-40 bases
DNA oligo 1μmol HPLC 2.53 CHF per base from 15-40 bases
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